One Efficient Energy Management Solutions plug'n'play hardware and wireless sensor technology. produkte olmatic Effiziente Energiemanagement Lösungen opt.sense / Drahtlose Sensortechnologie MEHR ERFAHREN Effiziente Energiemanagement Lösungen opt.power / Intelligentes Strommanagement MEHR ERFAHREN opt.control Zentrale Steuereinheit ZURÜCK Das Olmatic Gateway ist das intelligente Kontrollzentrum für die Zukunft der digitalen Energiewelt und sorgt für plattformunabhängige Vernetzung aller Systeme. Durch die Verwendung offener Industriestandards wird eine umfassende Kommunikation zwischen Ihren Geräten und der Cloud-Infrastruktur ermöglicht. Basierend auf KI mit Deep Learning Algorithmen lernt Ihr System den Energiebedarf automatisch zu optimieren.

Schnittstellen: Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP, … Kommunikationsprotokolle: OPC UA, MQTT, OCPP, …
opt.sense Drahtlose Sensortechnologie ZURÜCK Diese drahtlose Sensortechnologie bietet Ihrem Energiemanagement maximale Transparenz. Ob Neuinstallation oder Nachrüstung - diese intelligenten Energy Harvesting Sensoren lassen sich problemlos in Ihr System integrieren und werden drahtlos mit der intelligenten Steuereinheit verbunden. Die drahtlosen Kommunikationsschnittstellen ermöglichen dabei eine umfassende Netzwerkinfrastruktur in Echtzeit.

Schnittstellen: LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, … Kommunikationsprotokolle: OPC UA, MQTT, OCPP, …
opt.power Intelligentes Lastmanagement ZURÜCK Die opt.power schließt den Kreis eines intelligenten Energiemanagementsystems und verteilt die vorhandene Energie dynamisch an jegliche Verbraucher. Diese intelligenten und multifunktionalen Leistungs- und Schutzschalter zeichnen sich durch hohe Sicherheit und maximalen Wirkungsgrad über den gesamten Lastbereich, sowie effiziente Energieverwaltungsprozesse aus. Ausgestattet mit modernsten Kommunikationsstandards, lässt sich die opt.power nahtlos und plug’n’play in das Olmatic Power Tracking integrieren. So lassen sich erkannte Optimierungspotentiale direkt am Verbraucher oder der Quelle intelligent und dynamisch umsetzen. ZUR PRODUKTSEITE Slide
— opt.control / Central Control Unit — opt.sense / Wireless Sensor Technology — opt.power / Intelligent Load Management — / Intelligent Control Center


How can expensive load peaks in industry be avoided?

The increase in energy efficiency and the associated reduction in energy costs are becoming increasingly important in industrial companies. Unforeseen peak loads in the energy sector can lead to high and unplanned cost factors that pose major challenges for companies. In this webinar, our founder Patrick Olma shows how we use collected data and the targeted use of artificial intelligence to identify load peaks at an early stage and compensate for them through targeted “peak shaving” measures.

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We develop, manufacture and market products and systems related to energy management and digital networking. The product portfolio includes central control units, sensors and power units for Industry 4.0 and eMobility. Together under the name Olmatic Power Tracking, we thus provide suitable solutions for dynamic energy management and achieve maximum added value through the intelligent use of renewable energy sources and energy storage.


Olmatic wins Fudura’s startup challenge

Olmatic wins Startup Challenge from Fudura Today we can proudly announce that we were able to prevail against all participants in the Fudura Challenge and emerge as winners. We were looking for startups that operate worldwide with innovative data-driven solutions that can specifically analyze and optimize existing energy infrastructures. With over 25,000 customers, Fudura is […]

Our partner Endrich goes virutal – we too!

Our partner Endrich Group goes virtual – We too!Electronica 2020. With a focus on maximum transparency and load management in real time through digitization and artificial intelligence, our managing director Patrick Olma will provide you with a detailed overview on various dates. Date:09/11/2020 at 11.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.11/11/2020 at 11.00 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.12/11/2020 […]

Artificial intelligence lowers energy costs

The products of the start-up Olmatic GmbH are further developed and optimized on the Black Forest campus in Freudenstadt. It is about an energy management system for the industry. Freudenstadt. The software is intended to help identify peak loads in energy consumption in advance and to take countermeasures, the Black Forest campus says. This should […]

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Thanks to the intelligent interaction of our products, you can comfortably and easily create maximum transparency of all energy parameters of your consumers. This gives you an overview of individual energy consumption in real time and at the same time saves immense costs. Here you get personal demo access, free of charge and without obligation – just test it!

Working at Olmatic

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“Renewable energy, e-mobility and targeted energy sharing in the smart grid – intelligent energy management is a central term in the digital world. Our systems work with dynamic energy distribution based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Algorithms. With our innovative way of thinking and working, we want to make a positive contribution to the energy transition and at the same time realize efficient solutions for intelligent energy management. We are looking for you!

– Patrick Olma, CEO Business Development & Finance

The company

Three brothers with one vision.
The three brothers Patrick, Christian and Tobias Olma founded the company in 2016. Olmatic GmbH is a young, dynamic family business and develops highly innovative devices and systems for energy management. Sustainable and efficient concepts are the key to success. Visions become reality.
Olmatic Campus Schwarzwald

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