TOP 5 Machine Learning Startup

2. May 2022



Out of 353 global startups in the machine learning category, StartUs Insights highlights 5 top machine learning startups impacting the energy sector. Olmatic made it into the TOP 5 – an impressive result.

The insights of this data-driven analysis come from the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, which covers more than 2,093,000 startups and scale-ups worldwide. The platform gives you a comprehensive overview of new technologies and relevant startups in a specific area with just a few clicks.

“Our algorithms use targeted predictions to be able to identify peak loads at an early stage. This award therefore belongs to the R&D team and strengthens us on our way forward. Predicting the future is not magic, but hard development work.” Tobias Olma, Managing Director

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