The new S.USV industrial closes the long-awaited gap between single-board computers and Industry 4.0

26. September 2018




The S.USV pi industrial allows the gap between single-board computers and Industry 4.0 to be closed. The intelligent, uninterrupted energy supply is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is designed for state-of-the-art industrial applications of your single-board computer.

The S.USV pi industrial is also an intelligent power bank and can also be operated purely via battery if required. State-of-the-art LiFePO4 accumulators of state-of-the-art technology are used specifically for the extended temperature range of the industry. Intelligent battery management systems have been implemented to ensure the safety and long lifespan, providing a comprehensive monitoring system in addition to thermal management. The automated dynamic power tracking system enables a self-sufficient supply of your single board computer in the extended voltage range of 7-48 volts (regenerative energies, automotive range, etc.). If the regenerative energy fails via the primary voltage input, it automatically switches to the fixed backup line. Only when this energy source drops off does the system linger in secondary mode (battery operation). The charging circuit is adjusted and controlled according to the available power via the active energy source.

The module is a fully functional plug & play solution. The implemented monitoring system conducts a continuous review of all relevant performance data in order to safely shut down the Raspberry Pi in the event of misconduct and thus prevent data loss. By analysing the collected data in detail, the system can be operated in a highly efficient and energy-saving manner. EcoSmart ®-Energy Efficient: Energy-saving and environmentally friendly power supply by high efficiency over the entire load area and intelligent power management systems.

For example, if the energy supply of the single-board computer falls below an adjustable voltage threshold, the S.USV pi industrial automatically switches to battery operation, the functionality of the Raspberry Pi holds over a period adjustable by the user. Constant and thus bridges the voltage failure, or shuts down the single board computer safely in the event of a long-term voltage failure.

All of these features are automated. In addition, you have the option to check and control all operating states or switching processes via a software and specific bus systems.