Technical devices for physically impaired children and adolescents

18. May 2016




Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Four students from the University of Augsburg are planning a project work on a technically sophisticated and modern implementation of the well-known “Carrera Railway” for physically impaired residents of the Fritz Rock House. Their main focus is on simplifying the operation in relation to the non-existent fine-motor movements needed to regulate speed. This is to be bypassed by controlling by simply pressing a button.

The fun of all involved should always be at the forefront. That’s why the four guys from the project team come up with something special. “We did not opt for the conventional” Carrera railway “of the Carrera brand of the brand, but for a new development called” Anki Overdrive “by the company Anki. The decision was made due to many advantages for the realization of physically restricted control. You don’t have any wear and tear on the power contacts as these cars are equipped with battery and don’t get their electricity from the racecourse. The cars scan the entire track according to the principle of an optical mouse. This principle makes it possible for the cars to find their own return to the track in the event of an accident. As a result, the carers can be relieved, as the cars do not have to be put back on the track in the event of an accident. ”

Technically, the whole thing is to be implemented, among other things, with the new Raspberry Pi 3 in conjunction with our S.USV pi solutions products. We have been working successfully with universities and universities for years and also want to contribute to the implementation of a successful project in this interesting idea. For this reason, we are happy to support the University of Augsburg with our know-how in this regard and, of course, make our products available accordingly. We wish the four students Norbert Egg, Florian Kisch, Max Krause and Bastian Fries all the best for an ideal implementation.

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