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Using an award-winning and patented process, energy trends can be identified several days in advance. Our energy management system goes far beyond just monitoring: our sensors visualize energy flows and AI software analyzes all energy data from relevant energy consumers. As soon as it predicts a load peak, it buffers it with battery-stored renewable energy, significantly reducing your energy costs.

We’ll be at your side as a full-service partner through every step of a PV system and energy storage project with you. In addition, we’ll take care of the financing and ensure the smooth implementation from development to operation & maintenance. One team. <> One vision.

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How does Olmatic Power Tracking differ from a classic energy management system?

Classic energy management systems purely monitor energy usage  and energy parameters. Processes that lead to load peaks and high energy consumption would then have to be changed manually, which companies often find tedious and unrealistic.

Olmatic Power Tracking is an intelligent energy management system that goes one step further by implementing automatic peak shaving measures. Expensive peak loads and high energy consumption times are identified days in advance and if needed, automatically balanced with renewable energy from a battery storage.  

The effect: huge cost savings and emission reductions. In addition, no processes need to be changed or adjusted!

My company already uses an energy management system. Can I use this with Olmatic Power Tracking?

Yes! The more energy parameters you monitor, the better we can work together to optimize your energy useOlmatic Power Tracking can be used as an add-on and is compatible with all major energy management systems. 

Is a battery storage worth it for me?

Battery storage is a modern and intelligent medium that can be used to balance expensive peak loads with renewable-generated energy in a cost-effective way. It stores self-produced renewable energy (for example, from a PV system or wind farm) and then puts this energy to use for peak shaving measures. Alternatively, this stored surplus energy can also be used during high energy consumption times when a PV system or wind farm is not producing energy.

Another advantage is that surplus energy can be sold on the energy market, making battery storage a lucrative business model. This speeds up the amortization of the initial investment and can even eventually become a source of profit for your company.

Is my data secure? Where can I access my energy data?

All data is encrypted and stored within our secure cloud database. We have the highest security standards.

Once we reach the requirements phase, you will receive your own personalized dashboard where you can manually monitor all information regarding your energy use, peak loads, and costs at any time.  

My company is in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Can Olmatic Power Tracking reduce my carbon footprint?

Yes. Because the Olmatic Power Tracking System significantly optimizes energy consumption and integrates renewable energy into production processes, your company should see a decrease in carbon emissions. Many of our clients have seen hundreds of thousands of carbon emission reductions. Every company is different, but the emission reduction potential is significant, and should help your company in the EU ETS. 

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