Increase profitability and achieve climate targets at the same time

Sustainable Energy Supply Thanks to Battery Storage


Make energy park operation easy with battery storage and integrated AI software that can exactly predict future energy flows. With this combination, you will already know days in advance when you have high electricity consumption or when you will generate electricity surplus. Our system then controls the electricity entirely automatically, by selling it on the control energy market or temporarily storing it. You never have to pause operation.

Excellent service, maintenance and continuous operation are critical for a smooth project. This is why as a full-service provider, we cover everything you need with an integrated customer service application and functions. A 24/7 monitoring dashboard lets you “take the wheel” with pro-active measures.

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Is a battery storage system worth it?

In general, solar and wind parks are incredibly efficient at producing energy—to the point where they cannot direct all their produced energy into the grid when there is a bottleneck. This grid limitation then forces energy parks to stop producing energy, hindering their efficiency. However, with a battery storage system in place, solar and wind parks can continue to produce energy uninterrupted by directing surplus energy to the battery storage. This stored surplus energy can then be used at times when the energy park is not producing energy, for example at night, or when there are peaks in energy consumption.  

Another benefit is that if a park ends up with a lot of unneeded stored energy, this energy can then be sold on the controlled energy market, making the energy park profitable. This will help especially in paying off initial investments, and eventually even become a source of profit.  

When does an energy park become profitable?

With a battery storage system, an energy park becomes profitable after around 4-5 years.

What is the expected lifetime of an energy park?

With proper maintenance, an energy park should remain in good quality for around 20-30 years.


Does battery storage have a negative effect on nature?

After the initial construction, energy parks are calm, quiet places. They do not release emissons or pollutants and create no disruptive noises.

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