The wiu opt is a central control unit that combines highly innovative Olmatic Power Tracking with essential core functions of our wiu series . Our Central Control Unit forms the required headquarters in the energy management system, which, by software implementation of artificial intelligence, distributes the maximum available energy amount X by the performance modules to the individual energy consumers within the system. This allows individual system components to be regulated in their performance and the energy generated from them to be distributed to other components. By using the wiu opt you can achieve a saving of >30% energy on every electronic consumer with a conventional power source. In combination with renewable energy, you can even achieve a maximum self-sufficiency of 100% in the energy sector. In contrast to conventional energy management systems, it is characterized above all by the additional networking of the smart grid at the supply level, which enables continuous power regulation (0-100) and power distribution.


Reach 100% self-sufficiency through this combination!

Energy is a central concept of the natural sciences and plays a central role in all areas of physics, technology, chemistry, biology and economics. People use this energy in a variety of ways and in various forms of energy, such as kinetic energy, chemical energy or electrical energy. According to the energy conservation law, the total energy of a closed system remains constant over the entire period and can neither be increased nor reduced. In order to use the energy available to us with a maximum possible efficiency, this maximum amount X of energy must be distributed dynamically and intelligently to the individual energy consumers of the system.

The prime example of such an Energy Management System is the development of humans and their human organism, in which all components are networked with each other via a central nervous system of nerve fibers and bloodstreams and thereby realize an optimal energy metabolism. The original source of energy of each life – the solar radiation – chemically stored in a transformed form, must release by the body again and convert into mechanical energy – muscular movement. The body needs this energy for the basic functions of life support – heartbeat, breathing, digestion, brain activity, maintaining body temperature and physical activity. Again, the maximum amount of X energy which our energy stores provides must always be dynamically and intelligently distributed between each energy consumer to maintain the basic life support functions. The intelligence of the central nervous system decides, based on empirical values ​​and real-time analyzes, which energy consumers are regulated in their performance and which are increased – e.g. how much blood the heart must pump to the working muscles. By doing so, an energy metabolism is achieved with the highest efficiency and without losses.

The identical functional scheme is used by the highly innovative Olmatic Power Tracking method (short “OPT“) based on electrical energy in all electronic systems in industrial and private applications. To illustrate a direct example, robotics systems that have already implemented the Energy Management System in the form of OPT are used. For this purpose, a central control unit forms the central nervous system required in the example “human”, which realizes the distribution of the maximum available energy amount X by the power modules to the individual energy consumers within the system through the software implementation of an Artificial Intelligence. As a result, individual system components or “nerve cords and bloodstreams” can be regulated in their performance and the resulting energy distributed to other components. For here too, the law of energy conservation applies – the energy available is always constant and can neither be increased nor reduced. Insofar as individual components are reduced in terms of energy consumption, the energy they generate must be redistributed to other components in order to achieve maximum efficiency and thereby maximize energy savings. The resulting added value is obvious – further uses of surplus energy in the form of Energy Sharing and enormous cost savings for all electrical consumers. The use of the Olmatic Power Tracking achieves on average of >30% energy savings in comparison to conventional methods and, with an optimal design in the use of Regenerative Energy sources, achieves up to 100% self-sufficiency.

To use the available energy via regenerative or conventionally in a closed system in the most effective way, without losing energy in the form of loss performance, the Olmatic Power Tracking provides appropriate technologies and systems to dynamic distribution of services based on prioritisation and regulation of energy and consumer sources. This means that with optimal design in the use of renewable energy sources up to 100% self-sufficiency and in the use of conventional energy sources, we achieve an average of >30% energy savings compared to conventional energy management systems. This is realized by looking at each existing input, as well as output, specifically and can be switched off or regulated in its performance, according to programmable prioritization. By integrating the OPT directly in the supply line, sources and consumers can always be viewed and treated specifically, making the products compatible with any platform and consumer.

” wiu. A waterproof mini IPC. Optimized for long-term use via renewable energy sources. Unique. “

– Patrick Olma, Managing Director


The wiu series includes unique, high-performance and robust mini-IPCs that are fully sealed and thus meet IP68 specifications. In addition, these mini-IPCs include intelligent energy management modules with an UPS function, which enables an efficient, energy-saving and, if necessary, mobile energy supply of the systems.


The wiu series is optimized for long-term use via renewable energy sources. The energy-saving concept has been explicitly designed for this purpose, yet the wiu series has powerful processors and enough memory. Save energy, costs and maintenance – The “wiu” series includes energy-saving and waterproof central control units for a highly efficient 24/7 continuous operation.

waterproof (IP68)
energy saving


The robust and environmentally friendly mini-IPCs have powerful processors as well as enough work and hard drive storage. Thanks to the fanless concept and the implemented ECO design guideline, they are also low-noise and energy-saving.

The minimally maintained case and the simultaneous design with all common interfaces allow optimal use in mobile and sophisticated as well as harsh environments.

The waterproof mini-IPC products of the wiu series are therefore ideal for demanding applications in the field of industrial, commercial, scientific research, military, public safety, service, naval, transport, Mining and telecommunications markets.

Each model is customizable!


  • Broadcom BCM2837, Cortex-A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.2GHz
  • 1GB LPDDR2 storage
  • 64GB eMMC Flash
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11.b/g/n/wireless LAN
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)
  • Supports all current ARM GNU/Linux distributions and Windows 10 IoT
  • Dimensions: 159 x 128 x 90 mm
  • IP68
  • Optimized for self-sufficient use via renewable energy source
  • Backup input to the secured supply via additional energy source
  • integrated energy management module for energy saving and uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Built-in LiFePO4 battery with dynamic charging control
  • Start and operate purely via battery as a mobile device
  • Web-based software solution for control and monitoring
  • Live – firmware updates
  • Built-in Real Time Clock
  • Monitoring system
  • External Voltage Monitoring/Dynamic Power Tracking
  • Battery Management Controller
  • Battery Management System
  • Thermal Management
  • Watchdog-/Power Cycle Functionality
  • Timed and event-based switching on and off the system-Action Scheduler
  • Supply Switch (on and off button/File Safe Shutdown)
  • Active reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Inrush current limiter
  • Overload protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Thermal management
  • Overdischarge protection
  • Reverse Current Protection
  • RoHS Directive 2012010 + 65/EU
  • WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • ErP Directive 2009/125/EG
  • Rec Directive 2014/53/EU
  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • CE/FCC Conformity


  • IEC 62368-1:2014
  • Type of protection: IP68
  • Protection class: 2
  • Protective measures according to: IEC 61140:2016
  • + 7–48V Primary Power Input
  • Additional + 5V/5A power output for external periphery
  • Additional + 7-48V backup input
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • 2 x I2C
  • 2 x SPI
  • 2 x UART
  • LED status display
  • Other interfaces depending on the model or customer requirement (CAN, USB, and so on…)



The perfect solution to control, monitor and automate your processes. Through a variety of integrated and customizable extras, such as relays, digital and analogue entrances and exits, specifically verifiable GPIOs and much more. This all-rounder allows you to integrate ideally with your chosen environment and ensure a key component to automate your process landscape, even under extreme conditions. You can also benefit from self-sufficient and energy-saving functioning.

The ideal solution for connecting sensors with integrated measurement amplifiers to record, process and display measurement data. Thanks to the central logging of sensor data, coupled with flexible processing and state-of-the-art communication techniques, this model can be used as a self-sufficient and central sensor gateway at many locations, where you can use your data at any time, no matter where you can use your data at any time. Always have control over which location. Used as a self-sufficient device, it can also be operated as a mobile unit.

The perfect GPIO gateway to use under special conditions. Use a variety of available GPIOs for specific programming, control and monitoring, making the gateway easy and quick to adapt to your needs. The self-sufficient and energy-saving functioning of this model also increases flexibility and possible deployment scenarios.

The ideal solution for communicating over real time. Especially in time-critical application environments, data transfer in real time is one of the most important core components. Use this product to transfer your data of any kind via a modern real-time Ethernet technology to ensure the stability of your application environment. The self-sufficient and energy-saving functioning also forms the basis for a mobile unit.

The ideal solution for serial communication. Especially when it comes to transferring data via serial interfaces, this product finds its use. Through standardized serial interfaces and the possibility of a customizable interface, data of any kind can be transmitted.

The perfect solution for controlling, monitoring and automating your processes directly on site via a human machine interface. Thanks to the additional extension of the functions of our wiu Automation to include a touchscreen, machines and systems can be operated directly on site. So you benefit from an HMI, which can be used under the most special conditions.

Especially when using wireless networks with low volumes of data, e.g. in the home automation sector, the use of ZigBee modules is now in high demand. Use this product as an ideal solution for using a ZigBee gateway. Create the ability to control, monitor, and control your ZigBit modules.

The Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) is used specifically when it comes to the energy efficiency of connected devices. Especially in modern IoT networks, you can’t get around a central IoT gateway on LoRa communication technology. So use this product to create the central interface of your IoT devices and benefit from using it under the most special conditions and operating as a self-sufficient and mobile system.

Almost every modern, mobile device is now equipped with NFC. With the help of this technology, for example, RFID tags can be read out or data transferred to another NFC device. Build an NFC gateway with our product and realize your NFC architecture under special conditions. The operation as a self-sufficient and mobile system also creates completely new application scenarios.

EnOcean is now a widely used, battery-free wireless technology that finds its main use mainly in areas of building automation and smart home. Use our product to be a central and completely self-sufficient component for your EnOcean network and control, monitor and control your devices anytime from anywhere. This product is ideal as a central gateway under extreme conditions.

Z-Wave is a wireless communication standard designed primarily for home automation and optimized for low energy consumption, as well as high communication security. With our product, a central gateway for controlling, monitoring and controlling various sensors and actuators for home automation can thus be realized.

KNX is a very well-known field bus, specially designed for building automation. This makes our product ideal as a central gateway with which sensors and actuators can be accessed at any time and anywhere. So form your central control and monitoring system for your building automation and also benefit from self-sufficient and energy-saving functionality.

At the latest with the entry into Industry 4.0, the networking of machines and systems, i.e. the Internet of Things, can no longer be imagined without them. It is precisely in this context that a central gateway is that stores the data centrally, processes them and transmits them accordingly unavoidably. With our product, such an IoT gateway can be ideally implemented with state-of-the-art communication technologies. In addition, this system can be operated autonomously and therefore under very special conditions. So this product is the ideal addition to your IoT network.

De CAN-Bus is mainly used in the automotive sector. In this area in particular, and also in view of the upcoming electric cars, CAN control units play an important role. For this product, you benefit from an autonomous and energy-saving function, for which it is ideally suited as a control unit for communication via the CAN bus under very special conditions.


The integrated energy technology module of the own brand “S.USV” ensures an intelligent, energy-saving and uninterruptible power supply.
Especially for mobile and portable applications in the outdoor sector, the “wiu” can also be operated purely by battery if required and achieves a very high running time of up to 24h or more due to the very low energy consumption. State-of-the-art LiFePO4 accumulators of modern technology are used specifically to meet the high demands and specifications of the industry. The “wiu” time-controlled scheduler allows systems to be supplied with energy and the life of the batteries to be drastically increased thanks to the integrated real-time clock, as well as the function of the Timed Action Scheduler of the “wiu.” As an example, appropriate measurement and control systems can serve, which are only started at certain times or events, collect and evaluate available data, and then switch back to sleep and low-power mode.

DOCUMENTS | Downloads


Detailed manual of the entire wiu series.

Statement of conformity CE/FCC

Declaration of conformity CE/FCC of the wiu series.

Declaration of conformity RoHS/REACH

Declaration of conformity RoHS/REACH of the wiu series.

Use in production lines to monitor and control machine processes under Industry 4.0.


Use as a gateway in the field of IoT for transmission via LoRa technology.


Use as a central gateway in the IoT environment and transmission via mobile radio technologies.


Use as a central control when reading RFID tags via NFC and processing the data.


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