Participation in Intersolar Europe – Messe München – Germany

16. April 2019



Visit us from 15 to 17 May 2019 at the world’s leading trade fair for solar industry –Intersolar Europe at booth C4.570P and learn all about our new highly innovativeOlmatic Power Tracking – We guarantee 100% self-sufficiency by intelligent power distribution!

To use the available energy via regenerative or conventionally in a closed system in the most effective way, without losing energy in the form of loss performance, the Olmatic Power Tracking provides appropriate technologies and systems to dynamic distribution of services based on prioritisation and regulation of energy and consumer sources. This means that with optimal design in the use of renewable energy sources up to 100% self-sufficiency and in the use of conventional energy sources, we achieve an average of >30% energy savings compared to conventional energy management systems. This is realized by looking at each existing input, as well as output, specifically and can be switched off or regulated in its performance, according to programmable prioritization. By integrating the OPT directly in the supply line, sources and consumers can always be viewed and treated specifically, making the products compatible with any platform and consumer. The competing products, on the other hand, are only integrated into communication, so no specific treatment is possible and therefore the compatibility is also severely limited. In accordance with the principle of dynamic load management, maximum efficiency in dynamic power distribution can thus be realized and thus 5 essential core functions can be implemented:

1. Dynamic Load Shift
2. Dynamic Prioritization of specific entrances and exits
3. Dynamic Performance Regulation of specific entrances and exits
4. Dynamic Out-of-the-way and Conurcating of specific entrances and exits
5. Dynamic Distribution of existing performance to required performance


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