Olmatic works together with Netze BW and ChargeHere – an EnBW innovation on intelligent energy and charging management in the community of Tamm, Germany

The NETZlabor E-Mobility-Carré of Netze BW GmbH, which started in autumn 2019, is now being expanded with innovative solutions from Olmatic GmbH

A residential complex with existing multi-family houses and a shared underground car park in Tamm have been in focus since December 2019 within the framework of a NETZlab. In this practical test, the company wants to find out how the integration of electromobility into an existing network infrastructure can best succeed. The ChargeHere is used here – an innovation from the EnBW charging solution with dynamic load management and, since the beginning of this year, the hardware and software solution for energy optimization from the manufacturer Olmatic. The overriding goal of the participating companies is to avoid peak loads through the use of charging management and battery storage. The simultaneous charging processes are monitored in order to react optimally to possible network bottlenecks.

In order to guarantee these highly technical requirements and to be able to implement the required optimizations in practice, the solutions from the start-up Olmatic from the northern Black Forest are now also being used. The company has been addressing the topic of the digital ecosystem for several years now and completes the consortium with the corresponding expertise in peak load balancing, charging management and process optimization. The founders make no secret of the fact that the partner companies are absolute figures in the industry and that cooperation is seen as a great motivation. “To be able to work together with Netze BW and ChargeHere – an EnBW innovation – is the next important step in the company’s development for us,” says Tobias Olma, who heads technical development and also works intensively on this project. “Big challenges motivate the team all the more.”

The Netze BW project for the network integration of electromobility includes 58 charging points with 11 kW each (68% electrification of the underground car park), 45 e-cars and two battery storage units with 19 kWh and thus represents an interesting starting point. Olmatic is working extensively on the visualization and storage of all relevant parameters and the adapted distribution of energy to charging stations from the manufacturer ChargeHere. In addition, load peaks that occur are avoided with the help of recognized load windows and, if necessary, battery storage is added dynamically in order to avoid network bottlenecks.

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