Olmatic and Duscholux Sanitärprodukte GmbH agree to work together

19. September 2016




Olmatic GmbH takes over the design and new development of universal whirlpool control with far-reaching functions. Existing spare parts are to be replaced by modern control. The control is used alternatively in existing whirlpool configurations and can also be configured via an interface by the customer service agent directly on site. In the course of this adjustment, a colored touch display with a variety of functions is also used.

The aim of this project is to lay the foundation for a long-term strategic cooperation between the two companies in order to develop innovative electronic innovations in this market segment as well.

At the end of the 1960s, Duscholux laid the foundation for conventional shower separations in the European area. What began with a foldable shower wall is now evident as a wide-ranging assortment in the design as well as the facilities around the shower and bathroom. The Duscholux Group has four production sites and numerous sales organizations. Duscholux sells its products around the world as a leading shower hand manufacturer.

Quote Dennis Kolloff (Executive Board/Products and Development at Duscholux AG):

“Our goal and ambition is to further develop the bathroom as an oasis of relaxation. The customer should not miss his usual comfort, as with the smartphone, in the bathroom. For this reason, we have decided to invest money in this area, which offers a “tangible” added value for the end customer. “

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