New innovation project – Sensor patch for real-time monitoring of training loads

4. December 2018



In the new innovation project “Smolki”, we are setting ourselves the goal with the project partner i3 membrane GmbH and in cooperation with the Technical University of Hamburg and the University of Hamburg, a highly innovative sensor patch for real-time monitoring of develop training loads and visualize the measured data via a smartphone app. The project is funded over two years from the Central Innovation Programme Mittelstand (ZIM) and has a funding volume of around 700,000 euros. A corresponding application was approved by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi) in October 2018.

In addition to the correctly chosen training range, the intensity of stress is also crucial for optimal training success and a related performance enhancement. A mischosen training intensity can lead to stagnation, a drop in performance or even health damage. In order to avoid this, the individual stress zone is determined in both competitive sports and the ambitious amateur sector with the help of labor-based performance diagnostics and the training is controlled accordingly. It is measured, among other things, of lactate concentration in the blood or the maximum oxygen uptake during a fixed load. All currently known measurement methods require specially trained personnel, can often only be carried out under laboratory conditions and only provide time-limited snapshots.

“Smolki” is for the first time developing an innovative and cost-effective monitoring system for the mass market, which can be carried comfortably on the body and continuously captures metabolic parameters via sweat. Based on impedance spectroscopy, the novel sensor detects connections between the individual load and parameters of muscle metabolism via a sensor patch on the skin. A smartphone app also provides reliable information about the effectiveness and health safety of training. The innovative core of the new technology is a vertically built sensor that already has a low concentration of substances such as. Lactate and its change. This allows all athletes to benefit from real-time monitoring, achieve better training results and at the same time avoid overloads.

The idea for “Smolki” was born as part of the innovation network BodyTec-Technology Network for Body-affiliated Systems Technology, which is also funded through the ZIM program. In the course of network membership, the partners are actively supported in identifying and initiating research and development projects as well as ensuring financing through funding acquisition. Members will be supported in the development of new technologies in order to increase their competitiveness in the promising market of near-body sensors and portable systems. Network management has taken over IWS Innovation and Knowledge Strategies GmbH, which currently oversees a wide range of technical innovation projects.

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