New Deal with PBW-Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH

13. July 2021



We integrate an intelligent and dynamic charging management in combination with a smart meter gateway and energy storage in the parking garage Hofdienergarage in Stuttgart, Germany.

E-car owners want to charge their cars faster, especially in public and semi-public areas, and at the same time, providers like PBW want to prevent high investment costs for expanding their grid connection. This situation requires an intelligent system like Olmatic Power Tracking to manage the charging of the electric cars and dynamically optimize the energy consumption.

Our charging management not only adjusts the total charging power of several vehicles to the current power consumption, but can also include other consumers. Renewable energy sources can specifically compensate for certain network bottlenecks. In addition to intelligent charging control, we also offer seamless integration into any existing or new building automation system.

We are pleased to have won another well-known customer in PBW-Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH.

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