Nagold companies invest in innovative start-up Olmatic from the energy industry

25. February 2021



The Nagold companies Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH, B&E GmbH and Beck Consulting GmbH started the year 2021 with a stake in the start-up Olmatic GmbH, which was founded in spring 2016, and thereby support the development of sustainable technical future technologies.

After intensive negotiations, all parties were able to agree on fixed modalities at the turn of the year and jointly determine the strategic realignment of the young company. The fact that the respective new shareholders of the restructured Olmatic GmbH are well-known entrepreneurs from the Nagold area speaks for a dynamic business location, but also for progressive economic thinking. Dr. Christiane Endrich, managing director of Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH, Thomas Eisseler and Ralf Bommer, managing director of B&E GmbH and well known in the Calw district as the former co-owner of Wagon Automotive Nagold GmbH, as well as Christoph Beck, former founder of BEMA Consulting GmbH and owner of the Tec21 technology center GmbH on the Wolfsberg, form an extremely interesting unit with a wide range of specialist knowledge. The focus is not only on the investment, but also on the cooperation between the individual companies. For example, Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH, one of the leading special distributors for electronic components and product solutions in Europe, will support you with its sales power. Because recently Endrich has realigned its goals and found a suitable addition for their future-oriented solutions in the Olmatic portfolio.

“With its innovative concept of an energy management system, Olmatic offers a solution that, compared to other providers on the market, is not just about measuring energy consumption, but also about its clear visualization at the individual consuming points and above all about sustainable optimization of energy consumption . We see this as an ideal addition to products from our portfolio. It gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a complete solution, e.g. with different energy storage devices or different sensors on an IoT board, in order to control further machine data and thus to be able to carry out predictive maintenance, which increases the availability of the machines and lowers costs. We are sure that we will shape the future with Olmatic! ” – Dr. Christiane Endrich.

“We have been accompanying the young start-up company for over a year and decided at the end of last year to take the next logical step and become involved as shareholders. A classic win-win situation has arisen. We are happy to be part of a young, very dynamic and innovative team, which on the other hand can benefit from our many years of experience as entrepreneurs.”– Mr. Ralf Bommer and Mr. Thomas Eisseler.

Especially in the age of Corona, many companies have to rethink and invest in the future. That is why the investment volume in start-ups is increasing from year to year. Tobias Olma, who heads development and co-founded the company, is convinced of the choice of the individual companies. “We have found the right partner for our ideas. We feel full confidence. Together we want to develop disruptive products and promote sustainable solutions.”

Three brothers with a vision

The issue of climate protection and the resulting measures to meet the goals set often present industrial companies with new challenges and increasingly focus on the issue of energy efficiency. The start-up Olmatic GmbH, which was founded in 2016 by the brothers Patrick, Christian and Tobias Olma, has taken on exactly this topic and offers appropriate solutions for the digital ecosystem under the name “Olmatic Power Tracking”. Load peaks in the energy sector are automatically recognized by artificial intelligence and balanced out through the intelligent use of renewable energy sources and storage. This significantly reduces energy costs for companies and also makes a sustainable contribution with regard to the legal requirements for compliance with CO2 savings.

Global players have long been paying attention

Word quickly gets around that Olmatic’s innovation hit the market at just the right time. Large supra-regional companies have already put out feelers. For example, the distribution network operator Netze BW, a subsidiary of EnBW. They are currently working intensively with the project partner ChargeHere on the so-called E-Mobility Carré near Stuttgart in order to optimally integrate the charging infrastructure into the power grid with the help of intelligent energy and charging management. But other well-known companies in the vicinity are already in close contact with the Olmatic team, which had its origins in Nagold.

Long-term success is the top priority

The young family business can now serve the steadily increasing demands of its customers with the expertise of its new partners and look to the future with optimism. “From a strategic point of view, this was exactly the right and necessary step in order to be prepared for the tasks of tomorrow. Together we not only expand our technical expertise, but also form a strong partnership for our ultimate goal – a long-term success of the company. ” says Patrick Olma, Managing Director of Olmatic GmbH.

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