Cooperation with Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

2. May 2019



Now it’s official. Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH, one of the leading specialist distributors in Europe, is our new cooperation partner and will carry Olmatic Power Tracking into the world with us.

Dear readers,

In fact, it is a disgrace that children now also have to take to the streets to remind all those responsible in the government, in the Bundestag, in the state parliaments, but also in industry, that our energy policy and the protection of the environment in all The highest danger. There are millions of voices, newspaper articles, radio and television comments that
An energy transition, i.e. a change from fossil to natural energy sources, is urgently needed.

We talk and talk, but not too much has actually happened since the reactor disaster in Japan. Hopeful approaches are visible, but there is still far too much talk. Of course, the solar roofs are a positive effect, but they would not have experienced such encouragement without the high subsidies. Wind energy has also been eagerly promoted, but it is a pity that the North South route still does not exist, so that the electricity from the North Sea and Baltic Sea can also be transported to the major centres of electricity consumption, namely southern Germany.

These vast sums of money must, of course, be refinanced, as a result of the fact that our energy prices are at the forefront of the world and that energy saving is therefore starting to be achieved in industry, in households, for heating up dwellings, etc. This is welcomed by everyone, but the motivation arises only from the pressure from the high prices, which only move to the above.

It is understandable to me that our ancestors warmed and cooked by the campfire, but that we still need fossil fuels to generate electricity.
If we do not use the energy of the sun as a “high-tech country” in a sensible way, it is actually embarrassing if we do not use the energy of the sun as a “high-tech country.” Years ago, a Sahara project was widely praised for generating electricity in huge fields, which is also partly happening in some countries, such as the US, but implementation failed to materialise because the transport of electricity to Europe created obvious difficulties.

However, the very latest research results give hope: After converting solar energy into electricity, hydrogen is converted into a safe liquid with the help of a catalyst. This, like crude oil, is then to be brought safely to Germany with huge tankers and only separated again in the engine and finally to drain through the exhaust as a drop of water.

On the drawing board, these solutions sound wonderful, but until they are realized, a few years to decades are likely to go to the country. Just because our children are obviously more sensible than we old, you think seriously about when coal-fired power stations, lignite power stations and oil power stations will be shut down in a post-end valid way. Until then, it simply says: Save,
Save and save energy again.

This is precisely why the latest systems and processes of intelligent energy management and energy distribution (SMART GRID) are so important and interesting. And because you can only store electricity via batteries, both units together form the intelligent distribution module and the battery, an extremely efficient means of optimally retaining energy, e.g. computers in robots and many other applications. to distribute.

Our two new cooperation partners, Olmatic and Jauch, are showing interesting solutions to this topic. See more information inside this booklet.

W. Endrich


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