Climate Change Programme 2030

23. September 2019



Climate change is and remains a major challenge – as a leading industrial nation, we have a great responsibility. It is not only the economy and politics that must act, each of us leaves his or her ecological footprint and should play an active role in shaping it. The main focus is to maintain the foundations of life support – for us and for the future of our children.

The newly adopted climate protection programme 2030 is not only intended to price climate-damaging CO2 emissions, but in particular to reward the climate-friendly behaviour of everyone in order to increase the motivation for more engagement. Climate-friendly housing, climate-friendly mobility and awareness of a climate-neutral future are a key issue – the decade of implementation of energy and mobility is to be implemented as early as 2020.

To this end, the Federal Government intends to expand existing and newly adopted funding programmes for the development of energy-efficient technologies. Energy management systems such as “Olmatic Power Tracking”, hydrogen as energy storage, development of new battery technologies – these are all central factors for the transformation to a climate-friendly economy. In total, the Federal Government plans to provide a three-digit billion amount for the energy transition and climate protection by 2030 – so Germany, as a business location, is to become fit for a climate-neutral future within a very short time. But where exactly are the hurdles hidden?

From 2021, carbon pricing will be at the heart of the climate protection programme, with rising revenues, the Federal Government wants to reduce electricity costs in the medium term, but in the medium term there is no guarantee. Industry, in particular, is facing a major challenge, which is expected to reduce its emissions by around half by 2030 through energy-efficient production processes. For this reason, we already recommend relying on renewable energy sources and defining the degree of self-sufficiency from the public supply network itself through efficient energy management systems such as “Olmatic Power Tracking”. This is the only way to intelligently monitor and hold your own CO2 emissions in the fence. This is because Olmatic Power Tracking provides the user with maximum transparency about all available energy parameters and thus makes it an intelligent tool and centrepiece for the switch to climate-neutral energy supply – sector coupling and platform-independent energy sharing is the first step.

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