8 megawatts peak load management for battery and solar park

22. March 2022




Walter Solar is the operator of a large battery and solar park. The goal is the energy supply of the future. It is crucial that the energy is CO2-free and 100% from renewable energies. Autonomous energy systems, combined grid-storage systems and solutions for sustainable mobility are among the main drivers of society. In order to increase the profitability of the battery and solar park sustainably and in the long term, the peak load management required for this comes from Olmatic. This patented process in the field of energy management, combined with AI-supported software, creates maximum transparency of the energy process. In the joint project, Olmatic provides a targeted forecast of the energy production to be expected from renewable energy sources and the energy profile of the consumption network to be supplied. In addition, the system will have the option of participating in the control energy market in a targeted manner in order to further strengthen economic power in the future.

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